• "‘The smartest guy in the White House. His numbers can always be trusted...’ that is how Casey Mulligan was described to me when I first met him. And now he has written an insightful, honest, book about working in the Trump White House, free from score settling and self promotion. A MUST READ for anyone — regardless of political affiliation — interested in President Trump or the workings of the White House. Destined to be read and studied as a classic."—Joseph Grogan, Former Assistant to President Trump for Domestic Policy

  • "This extremely well-written book explains how President Trump and his staff are dismantling special interest favors. My career would be ruined if the leaders in my industry knew how I was part of that team."—Former White House official who asked to remain anonymous

  • "In this enjoyable and easy to read book, Casey Mulligan, former chief White House economist, explains the unconventional wisdom of the president, the achievements in rolling back ruling class rules that harmed middle and lower-income families, the success and limits of taking on special interests, the bias of the media, the instinct of government officials to shun information that their programs cause harm, the role of politics in shaping policy, and much more."—Brian Blase, Former Special Assistant to President Trump for Economic Policy

  • "The book is replete with wonderful policy analysis ... but [also] the description of the players in Washington is so unusual for a book of this type and that makes the book a good read in and of itself."—Bob Zadek, entrepreneur and longtime radio host

  • "This author's calm and reasoned tone sets the book apart from the sensationalism normally targeting one or the other audience demographic (i.e. political affiliation). There's no rah rah Trumpism. There's no deification. However, neither is Trump vilified as the root of every evil. If you've an open mind or fancy yourself to have one, this book is for you."—Anonymous Amazon reviewer

Published by Republic Book Publishers.